This site has been operational for about 14 years and is currently undergoing its third major redesign.  The last complete overhaul was in February of 2002, so this facelift is long overdue.


Thank you all for your support and continued interest over the years!





This site was last updated on 26 December 2011.


The beta test for the new design was launched on 14 November 2011.


Nosland has been hosted by ARVIXE www.arvixe.com since December of 2009 with no significant difficulties or down time.  We give them an “A”.


This site was created using Serif WebPlus X4, the best thing I have found to replace my beloved and now defunct FrontPage 2002.  Microsoft in its infinite wisdom retired a fine piece of software and replaced it with an un-intuitive cumbersome piece of crap (Expression Web).  WebPlus has proven to be extremely versatile and is completely WYSIWYG for those of us without the time or inclination to learn HTML.


I understand there are some effects and page transitions that will only function properly using Internet Explorer.  If you experience any difficulties using Mozilla or any other web browsers, please let me know.


All graphics used in this site were created using CorelDraw/PhotoPaint 9.0.  Although well past its expiration date, it seems to work just fine for an aging dinosaur like me. I have used Corel 13 and X5 at my work and found them to be memory hogs with no significant improvements over version 9 and a number of irritating features (like text snapping to guidelines on the descenders, not on the baseline - Aarrgh!).


If you experience any problems with this web please contact me with the details. E-mail your questions and concerns to: noslen@truknoslen.com