If this site looks considerably different form your last visit, then welcome to the New & Improved Nosland.
If it looks exactly the same as your last visit, then we apologize for the inordinate amount of time it’s taken us to implement the updates.
We are currently working feverishly (i.e. about as fast as if we were lying in bed nursing a fever) to get everything up and running so that we can take the ugly “Under Construction” notice off the home page.
If there are features from the old site that you are missing, rest assured they will return eventually in a vastly “New & Improved” fashion.
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26 Dec. 2011:
Completed update of Upper Michigan Fall 2010 photo pages.
Added Upper Michigan Lighthouse photo pages.

24 Dec. 2011:
Links page update is now complete.

9 Dec. 2011:
Toby’s Video is up and seems to be working properly.

6 Dec. 2011:
Toby Labradoodle photo gallery complete.

4 Dec. 2011:
Clay Gallery updates complete.

3 Dec. 2011:
Pumpkin page updates complete.

14 Nov. 2011:
The official launch of the new web site.